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Former Barcelona president Laporta says Ramos “won the Final for Madrid”

Thierry Henry Signs For Barcelona

Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta delivered some quotes about the past Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Kiev.

“Ramos and Liverpool’s goalkeeper won this Champions League for Madrid. Ramos is very clever, Liverpool had them defending. He knew how to read the game,” said Laporta.

He also praised Zidane.

“Guardiola’s Barcelona is better than this Madrid team, they made history. We can talk about trophies and Barcelona won lots of them, they achieved a perfect season winning all seven titles, but Zidane is a coach who knows his dressing room, knows how to keep all the players engaged and is doing a brilliant job,” he added.

Laporta was also asked about Neymar’s potential move to Madrid.

“I would’ve loved to see him staying at Barcelona but it couldn’t be, so I want him to play where he’s happy. If we have to face him in Madrid it wouldn’t be good news for us, but it’s up to him and he will do what’s best for him,” concluded Laporta.

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