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Poem: Zidane’s Black Magic

An illustrated poem dedicated to Zinedine Zidane and his unbelievable achievements with Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League Trophy. Art by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

Legend has it there is a bald wizard

Who rules a water stream

And who can bait a snake or a lizard

He sees his aim in a prophetic dream

And turns away every sand blizzard

I heard he also manages a famous team...

The wizard and his team have a huge history

Which other people can’t rewrite

This team is shrouded in mystery

Maybe they are planning a space flight

Or gonna brew a magic potion to heal any injury

Someone said they have some cups with a glowing light

And a fountain where they celebrate another victory

And that during every starry night

We can see them wearing white

And making their witchery

Sounds fantastic,

But this team has no tactic

The wizard prefers to use some black magic

So after looking at this absence of any logic

Every tactical analyst will become a true pessimist

And every reporter will start to panic

Maybe it’s quite tragic

But it’s all the fault of this team’s magic

Lately, there was a magic night

The magic turned from black to white

And the team played its best fight

The wizard made it all alright

A rock is nothing against his word

That’s why his players rock the world

That’s why this team will always grab the gold

At the break of dawn, we heard their choral yell:

“La Decimotercera!”

It’s a forbidden magic spell

Which inaugurates their greatest era

Is this the best team ever? Time will tell.

The plans of the bald wizard are always very clever

So this story will definitely end up well

Last night the wizard was alone

He thought,

“I’ve achieved my aim,

But this team won’t ever be the same.

It’s time for me to move away,

Or else this team will lose in every game.”

The wizard packed his things and left a message on the phone

And then he disappeared with a storm

A new day has come

The players woke up and looked around:

“Where’s our manager?”

They found his book, his scarf, his crown

And a new note in the messenger

It said: “You’ve never let me down,

But now I’m just a traveller.

See you around,

My dear champions.”

Zidane is forever our magician

So there’s no need to worry

But we are sad about his decision

And we thank him for every single trophy

For the victories in every competition

And for those days of the true glory

We always admire his intuition

Good luck to him on his new journey

But this is not the end of our story

This story is a magic game

I’m sure,

This story will begin again

Zinedine Zidane. Drawing by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

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