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Managing Madrid Podcast: Cristiano Ronaldo Roundtable Tribute

Kiyan, Gabe, and Om spend time to be thankful for being a fan during the Cristiano Ronaldo era, talk about his greatness, look ahead to what’s next, and analyze the transfer from all angles.

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

On this Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, Kiyan Sobhani, Gabe Lezra, and Om Arvind discuss:

- Initial reactions to losing Cristiano Ronaldo

- Being thankful for having been a fan during his unforgettable era

- The amount of fans Cristiano converted

- His ridiculous stats and records (and we’re not just talking about goals)

- ... Replacing his goals moving forward

- Potential targets, and what is the position that needs to be filled

- Exactly how realistic are Neymar and Mbappe?

- Hypothetical line-ups

- What happens to Benzema?

- Why Juve? Was there no other market for him?

- How prepared is Flo for this transition?

- Why does Ronaldo want this move? Like, beyond money and tax headaches

- Are Juve now Champions League favourites?

- Our favourite Ronaldo moments

- And more

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Hosts this week:

Gabe Lezra (@ElEzrah)

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Om Arvind (@OmVArvind)

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