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Illustrated Poem: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Departure

An illustrated poem dedicated to the legend’s decision to leave Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo. Illustration by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

“On this summer day, he hates the sun for being bright

He’s had enough, he pulled down the blinds

And now the room is covered with stripes

Black, white, black, white

Shadow lines are cutting through the light

Black, white, black, white

He’s thinking about the letter he has to write

About those good old days on which he had to fight

For that jersey coloured in white

The memories are flashing like highlights

Dark, bright, dark, bright

Those nine years in Madrid have gone by like a flashlight

And now he doesn’t know is this way wrong or right

Is it wrong or right, black or white?

He’s looking at this contract he can’t unwrite

Black ink and paper of white, black and white

Will everything be alright?

Ciao Torino*, he’s gonna fight

For this jersey covered with stripes

Black, white, black, white

No matter if it’s wrong or right, wrong or right

He’s so complicated at first sight

He has some dakness and inner light

His story is a mix of black and white

Black plus white, black plus white

Those nine years in Madrid are like old photos in black & white

He was the club’s satellite

Is his decision right and clever?

This story was supposed to last forever

Ma non era vero*

Adesso lui è bianconero

E questa storia sembra un film

Un film in bianco e nero”

11 July 2018

“Bianco e nero (Black and white)”

Cristiano Ronaldo. Gif by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg


Ciao Torino - Hello Turin

Finishing lines in Italian: “But it wasn’t true, now he is bianconero (a Juventus player), and this story seems like a movie, a black & white movie.”

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