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Notes & Quotes: August 10

Real Madrid Celebrate After Victory In The Champions League Final Against Liverpool Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Klopp takes aim at Ramos yet again

This horse has already been beaten well past death, but yet still gets brought up. For some reason outlets keep asking Jurgen Klopp about the Ramos and Salah situation from the Champions League Final.

“Many people will say that these things happen. But if that is the message we are sending to our children, that nothing is out of bounds and it’s all about winning, then I will be glad to leave this planet in 40 years.”

“Am I a good loser? No. But during our preparations we had to talk about Ramos because he had influenced the final the previous year with a dive and a red card [for Juan Cuadrado] against Juventus.”

“Real Madrid have deserved to win the Champions League, nobody has ever said anything else. But do you have to have those situations with Ramos? No, you don’t.”

This whole saga just needs to end already. Stop asking the same question over and over, the answer will never be different from Klopp’s perspective. While you can certainly question the Ramos and Cuadrado incident last year, Real were already leading 3-1 before Cuadrado was sent off in the 83rd.

The main reason these outlets keep asking Klopp is because they know he’ll keep giving his thoughts on Ramos. If he truly wants to get over the loss, he needs to stop talking about it and move on. And it’s quite comical that he seems to imply Ramos is encouraging young fans and athletes to take whatever measures necessary to win. The situation has become pure lunacy at this point.

Mateo Kovacic tweets farewell to Real Madrid—panic mode is back on

While there is reportedly no buy clause in Kovacic’s loan move to Chelsea, he seems to have written off Real as a finished chapter in his career.

This has become quite worrisome again from Real’s perspective. It makes it even worse because it is coming from the player’s account directly rather than an outside source reporting this. Either there is a buy clause in Kovacic’s contract and he believes Chelsea will buy him after this season concludes, or he has no desire to return to Real and will negotiate a transfer out of Madrid when he returns from loan.

Either way, Kovacic appears to be done with Real Madrid and is ready to move on in his career. He’s essentially given a farewell already even though he’s supposed to return next summer. Unfortunate, but if he truly has no desire to return after his loan, Real will have to find an adequate replacement next season. It does hurt knowing that if this is indeed the case, he’ll never get the starter role we all thought he would at this club.

UEFA announces Champions League positional awards nominees—6 Real Madrid players nominated

The nominations for the Champions League positional player awards have been announced by UEFA. There are four categories: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Among the nominations, 6 are from the Champions League winners. Keylor Navas has been nominated for goalkeeper (others are Alisson and Buffon). All defender nominations belong to Real, which includes Marcelo, Ramos, and Varane. 2 of the 3 midfielder nominations also belong to Real, Modric and Kroos (other is De Bruyne). And the sole forward nominated for Los Blancos is Cristiano Ronaldo (others are Messi and Salah).

Not enough votes to be nominated, but on the shortlist are Isco (midfielder), Casemiro (midfielder), and Gareth Bale (forward).

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