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Notes & Quotes: August 22, 2018

Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid - UEFA Super Cup Previews Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Ramos and other LaLiga players reportedly heavily opposed to playing LaLiga matches in the United States

Earlier Wednesday, AFE, the Spanish Footballers’ Association, reportedly met with several LaLiga players, including Real captain Sergio Ramos. According to the association’s president, David Aganzo, the players are against overseas action during the season.

“The players are outraged, very surprised, and are all against it. It’s unanimous.”

“The players don’t want to play overseas. Things have to be done in a more coherent way and with common sense.”

“I have information that there are certain clubs that are in favor [of strike action] and others against this, but I represent the players.”

“We are going to try to see that it doesn’t reach that extreme. But we are willing to go right to the last option if it is necessary.”

With Aganzo claiming the players are unanimously opposed to this decision, this certainly raises a question about LaLiga deciding to do the right thing. Aganzo even claims that they are willing to strike if necessary, which obviously is not something you want your stars to do in a match that still counts in the standings.

“It’s not just the game as such, in terms of health and travel, it just makes no sense to have a game played in the United States and have one team have to give up a home game.”

“It cannot be that a person takes a decision of a 15-year agreement, which affects many people and without consulting. We are fed up with not being valued.”

Aganzo is 100% correct here. The big concern is maintaining the fitness of players having to travel abroad to the U.S. in the middle of the season. With teams like Real Madrid competing for the league title, it’s absolutely absurd to travel far for one match only.

Take it from an American fan, while it’d be nice to see Real play in the U.S. (even though that’s what the ICC is supposed to be for), it’s not feasible for the players or the club to do so in the middle of a competitive season. The ICC already charges outrageous prices for preseason matches, it’ll be even more expensive for a match that counts in the standings.

New York has been rumored as a Champions League Final future destination, but it’s much different for one match outside Europe at the end of the season than one in the middle of the league.

Obviously there is a novelty to it, which I think would die off well before year 15 of the deal, but LaLiga is only thinking about the potential revenue without thinking about the players well-being. It may grow the game, but it will absolutely come at the cost of the clubs and players involved.

Real Madrid reportedly want same starter for both LaLiga and Champions League

According to MARCA, Real Madrid want one keeper for both LaLiga and Champions League action. Should this ring true, it would mean either Navas or Courtois are the main starters in both competitions. It makes sense that the club wouldn’t want to continually alternate between the two in such big tournaments.

We’ve yet to see Courtois in action, both in preseason and the club’s first official match, but eventually should. For now, Lopetegui is sticking by Navas and he’ll likely continue unless he makes some gaffes.

We’ll know by the time the group stage rolls around which keeper is the true starter for Real should this report be true.

Real Madrid most ‘googled’ football club in the world

According to a report done by AS, the top clubs searched throughout the world is topped by Real Madrid in 97 different countries. One of the eye-catchers is Croatia, obviously that has a lot to do with Luka Modric.

The report also says they are the most searched club in Canada and the United States, as well as most of South America.

Obviously, a lot of this has a lot to do with their success in European competition the last several years and being a top international side. It shouldn’t be discredited that the club is still one of the biggest in the world and have a massive international fanbase.

The article also brings up the Ronaldo factor. We’ll just have to wait and see if these countries are only googling the team because of Ronaldo.

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