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Real Madrid vs Juventus: ICC Match Thread

Manchester United v Real Madrid - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Well boys and girl(s), it’s time for Real Madrid’s second game of the International Champions Cup. After narrowly losing 1-2 to a Manchester United who fielded several of their starters for large portions of the game (lol never change, Mourinho), it’s time for Real Madrid to take on THE MOST HATED CLUB IN THE UNIVE— sorry, I mean Juventus.

Both Real Madrid and Juventus fans will be disappointed that our/their boy Ronaldo won’t be joining the game. But, quite frankly I am kind of glad. I don’t think our cold, little hearts could handle seeing Ronaldo in the wrong kit just yet anyway.

Highlights of the last game included seeing Vinicius and Odegaard (gourd?) get some fun minutes. Will they get more time or will J-Lo field more starters from the beginning? It looks as though Bale will get the start after concerning “rumors” that he had hurt himself in practice. Either way, let’s all enjoy the game, forget about the silly transfer season for a minute, and make more sweeping generalizations about the entire season based on the second friendly of the summer.


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