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Managing Madrid Podcast: The Return of Josh and Gabe

Josh, Gabe and “El Moro” Fernando Morientes
Gabe Lezra

Josh Zeitlin is BACK, folks! After much consternation and complaining, we’re bringing Josh back to the Managing Madrid Podcast. In Josh’s return, Gabe and Josh reminisce about the beginning of Managing Madrid, how they met, how they started talking about Real Madrid—and, most importantly about the Tamudazo that gave Madrid the Liga crown in 2006-07.

It’s really an old-school MM Classic, folks, so it’s a deep cut for all you real MM heads out there. They talk about everything from Thomas Gravesen to the 2006 World Cup summer, to the transition of all the various number 7s. It’s all Guti, all Van Nistelrooy, all Raúl, all Real Madrid history as the two original Managing Madrid founders and co-hosts travel back in time to talk about their experiences with the site, the show, and, most importantly with the team and each other.

And yeah, it gets a little sappy.

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Hosts this week:

Gabe Lezra (@ElEzrah)

Josh Zeitlin

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