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Notes & Quotes: September 7, 2018

Sergio Ramos talks about playing in England, Luis Enrique praises Ramos, and Real Madrid revenue is at an 18-year high

Real Madrid CF v CD Leganes - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Ramos talks about possibly facing backlash from England fans for Salah incident

Sergio Ramos and Spain will take on England Saturday night at Wembley. During a press conference earlier Friday, Ramos was asked about the possibility of facing backlash for Salah’s injury in the Champions League.

“I’m not really concerned about that.”

“I never wanted to hurt a colleague on the pitch of course, so my conscience is really clear about what I did that night. I’m not going to be affected by that at all.”

“I know the English fans will treat players as they deserve and I’m not worried about that in the slightest.”

So, first off, not quite sure why Ramos would face backlash from English fans during an international match when Salah doesn’t even play for England.

There might be some boos and jeers from Liverpool fans that happen to be in attendance supporting England, but there likely won’t be a collective anti-Ramos crowd at Wembley. Most non-Liverpudlian England fans likely don’t care about Liverpool or their players unless they’re playing for the national side. Ramos did nothing to the England National Team, don’t expect England fans to join together in support of a player that has nothing to do with their team.

And, second off, this just needs to end already. I said it after Klopp’s most recent comments a couple of weeks ago, the media is just beating this horse well-past death. These people act like Ramos ended Salah’s career. when it was injury that didn’t even end his chance at playing in the World Cup. New season, new things to complain about, move on.

Luis Enrique hails Ramos as the “chosen one”

Keeping on the topic of the Spanish National Team, Spain manager Luis Enrique has given praise to the Spanish captain.

“Being a captain in the national team is because, among internationals available, you are the player with the most personality team.”

“When you see him compete, he understands that he is a chosen one, he already knew that.”

“He is a great leader in any situation, a person who drags in and out. I am delighted with him. I expected a very high level, but in this case he has surpassed [my expectations].”

Think we’ve found a new nickname for the captain, the “chosen one” has a nice ring to it.

Enrique brings up the point about needing personality to be a national team captain, he’s right because Ramos is probably the most open player on the Spanish squad. He also brings a wealth of captaincy experience since he’s been Real’s captain for several seasons now.

Ramos is a huge part of Spain and it’s good to see his new manager thinks quite highly of him. The best start a new manager can have to any squad is being on good terms with his captain going forward.

Real Madrid reveal biggest revenue gain in 18 years

Real recently announced that the 2017-18 season saw the club have it’s biggest yearly revenue gain in 18 years. It was also the largest percentage increase from the season before the club has had since Perez took the presidency in 2000. They’re now a profitable club for the third year in a row.

The club’s income last season was nearly €751 million, which does not include the sales of players over the course of the season. Revenue predictions suggest Real will make about about €1 million more this season, also not including squad transfers.

This is great news for Real Madrid. They haven’t nearly spent as much as they used to, on players or other financial projects for the club. While they are still over €100 million in net debt, they are at least turning a profit and taking steps towards cutting that depth down more.

There’s still the planned project to renovate the Bernabéu, making a good profit every season certainly helps that plan to become a reality. This is only good news for Real Madrid going into their future.

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