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Match Report: Real Madrid Castilla 1-3 Atlético Madrid B!

Another eventful mini-Madrid derby!

We need no reminder of what happened in the last mini-Madrid derby. One bite on the head, two Vinícius, and three game stopping scraps created a memorable recipe for entertainment. Naturally, even without the Brazilian this game was highly anticipated, and it did not disappointing again. At least. from the neutral point of view...

Cristo González returned from first team duty to lead the line in attack, whilst Javier Sánchez slotted into defence. Javier Belman fortunately got the nod, whilst Jaime Seaone continues to be benched. Ayoub Abou started in his place.

It is difficult to write about this game systematically, because it was just a captivating mess. This game was a continuation of all the tension that was bubbling up from the first tie. It was obvious that these two teams did not like each-other one bit, especially as there were little one on one spats happening throughout the game. I’m surprised the volcano never fully erupted. The play was nimble and energetic from both sides, but it was the visitors who struck first with a low shot placed into the bottom corner. Castilla didn’t shy away though, and found the equaliser through the impressive Jorge De Frutos. He headed a really dangerous Fran García into an empty net. The first half was nothing in comparison to the seocnd... It started early as Atlético were awarded a dubious penalty, which of course was scored. Not long after Javier Sánchez was sent off for a reckless second yellow. With ten men, Castilla actually took control of the game, but it was a big task to wrestle with. A task that only got bigger with time, and eventually became impossible when Adrián de la Fuente was also given his marching orders. They even gave it a good go with nine, and to be honest looked the better side even then. Alas the clock ran out, and the game finished 3-1 to the visitors.

Some of my notes from a very busy game include:

The fact that Cristo looked extra sharp after returning from a long spell with the first team. Some of his runs were exemplary, and he was unlucky not to score. Someone who really didn’t have a good game was the referee though, who was a disaster. In a rigid affair such as this, the referee has to keep a level head and control of the game, but players where fighting everywhere behind his back. His lack of decent decision making just amplified the tension, and his terrible calls on the penalty and De la Fuente red card killed the game for Castilla. That being said, the discipline of the players was not on point at all, and Javier Sánchez was asking to be sent off with his silly foul.

Another loss, making it one with in five now. Again, there is no need to panic as Castilla are still close to their season goal of ensured survival already. However, the play-offs look a long way away now, and results will have to turn soon to keep that dream alive. Controversially, I think this may have been Castilla’s best team performance of the year, they showed a lot of quality in every area. It’s just a shame under the circumstances. Man of the match went to Cristo González who posed a threat during the entire game, and often looked unstoppable with the ball at his feet. Castilla play Unión Adarve next week for a chance to get back to winning ways!

Goal: De Frutos.

Assist: García.

MOTM: González.

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