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Managing Madrid Podcast: Las Galácticas, Episode 2

CD Tacón is going to be in a relegation battle this season. That’s the nice way to think about this. But it’s a work in progress -- and Jess Houwen and Gabe Lezra explain why that’s exciting.

CD Tacon before the Sporting Huelva game kicked off.
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We understand that this episode has some glitches in it right now. Please bear with us while we work out the technical difficulties.

On this episode of Las Galácticas, Gabe Lezra and Jess Houwen discuss:

  • Jess ticking off Asllani stans for not ranking her higher in the “which kit” piece
  • How hard watching the games is and reasons why that might be happening
  • The Relegation Zone
  • Signings! and there were a lot since the last episode
  • That Barcelona Game
  • Our first home victory
  • Sahar Khodayari (#BlueGirl) and the reaction to her death

(Bonus: Jess’ kitten, Stanley, makes his first podcasting appearance as he subdues an unruly bag in the background.)

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