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Hazard: “Benzema is the world’s greatest striker”

Real Madrid’s attacker praised his teammate.

Real Madrid Unveil New Signing Eden Hazard Photo by TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images

Real Madrid attacker Eden Hazard talked to the press during Belgium’s pre-match press conference and praised his teammate Karim Benzema.

“Having played with him for the last three or four months I think that he is the world’s greatest striker. He makes his teammates better, it’s not that he is just a striker,” said Hazard.

When asked about potentially facing France without Benzema, Hazard shared his thoughts and was clear.

“I’m sorry for him but it’s always easier to face a team without Karim Benzema,” added the winger.

Hazard has improved his form quite a lot during the recent games. He completed a wonderful performance against Eibar and it’s clear that he’s regained some confidence.

“I think that things are going very well for the last month or so. We are winning and our team is improving, which makes things easier for me too. I’m in better form and I have to keep it up,” concluded Hazard, who will face Cyprus with Belgium today.

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