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Managing Madrid (Mega) Podcast: Loan Tracker, Balon D’or, Castilla

Kiyan Sobhani, Matt Wiltse, Sam Sharpe, Kristofer McCormack, Ruben Sk͏j͏e͏r͏p͏i͏n͏g, and Philip Hammer cover everything from Odegaard, Balon D’or voting, Casemiro’s yellow card doom, and Castilla

FBL-BALLON D’OR-2019-AWARD Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

This Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in three parts:

Part One (Kiyan Sobhani, Matt Wiltse)

- Martin Odegaard’s performance vs Eibar

- His unique ability to influence every game in so many different aspects

- Where would he play if you put him in Real Madrid’s current starting lineup?

- Incoming football stat: “Shoulder scans”

- Sergio Reguilon vs Oscar Rodriguez over the weekend

- Reguilon’s underrated crossing ability

- Sevilla’s crossing stats

- Luuk de Jong’s movement

- Achraf Hakimi vs Hertha Berlin

- Borussia Dortmund’s collapse vs Barcelona

- Borja Mayoral vs Getafe

- Takefusa Kubo vs Real Betis

- And more.

Part Two (Kiyan Sobhani, Philip Hammer)

- How to juggle the lineup against Espanyol and Club Brugge

- How to juggle Casemiro’s playing time to avoid suspension against Valencia or Barcelona

- What surprises does Zinedine Zidane have up his sleeve this month?

- How to fix the Balon D’or voting system

- Going through some outrageous votes from certain journalists

- Fede Valverde’s strengths and weaknesses

- Vinicius Jr’s YouTube channel

- And more

Part Three (Sam Sharpe, Kristofer McCormack, Ruben Sk͏j͏e͏r͏p͏i͏n͏g)

- Raul Gonzalez’s starting lineup

- Pablo Ramon’s ceiling

- Can Real Madrid win the UEFA Youth League?

- Is Dani Poyatos a good coach and a rabbit hole of a conversation on whether he should’ve been Castilla manager this season instead of Raul.

- The U-20 Bali Cup (which we discover about on air)

- Raul’s tactical ability in comparison to other Castilla managers

- Castilla’s lack of strikers

- Israel Salazar, and will he be the next big thing coming through Castilla?

- Antonio Blanco

- What do Castilla players need to do to get a break in the first team?

- Is Raul under-performing with Castilla or is the squad just bad?

- What are Castilla’s objectives? Youth development or getting promoted? Are they mutually exclusive?

- Is Castilla’s position in the league fair?

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Hosts this week:

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Matt Wiltse (@MattWiltse4)

Sam Sharpe (@CastillaStats)

Kristofer McCormack (@K_mc06)

Ruben Sk͏j͏e͏r͏p͏i͏n͏g (@RubenPMN)

Philip Hammer (@ThePhilHammer)

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