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Illustrated Poem: An Endless Day Without Real Madrid

What if Real Madrid disappeared?

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Illustration by Sofi Serg. Sofi Serg

“Now the sun is up, but I don’t care

Real Madrid vanished into thin air

For me, the world is not the same

Nobody mentions the club’s name

The TV doesn’t show a single game

This endless day makes me insane

Why do I relive it again and again?

There’s nothing new in my newsfeed

Because the fans also disappeared

And there’s nothing real in Madrid

Valdebebas is just a big cornfield

I have no idea where’s the team

Do you know how strange I feel?

Now I tell myself “Just don’t forget”

I search for the players on the net

But “No results” is all that I can get

I ask some people on the street

No one understands what I need

Like this world has a secret to keep

Now my life is false and I can’t sleep

So I just hunt the echo in the wind

Real Madrid, Real Madrid

Today will be that famous El Clasico

As always, between Barca and Atletico

The press writes nothing about my club

And I feel down even when the sun is up

There’s no sign of Real Madrid, I give up

Instead of the Bernabéu, there’s a shopping centre

“Atletico rules the city” was said by a TV presenter

No, Real Madrid is the best, there’s no one better

If only I could find at least the team’s member...

Now there’s no club badge on my chest

And I can’t find the exit from this quest

Those memories are all that’s left

But this day is endless, I’m stressed

The sun is up, I look for my team here and there

And then I send this rhymed letter to nowhere

Can anyone bring Real Madrid back here?

You think you’ll always have your team

And that this thing nobody can steal

Someday you’ll wake up from this dream

And discover that this club is not even real”

February 2019, “Without Real Madrid”

Sofi Serg
Sofi Serg

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