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Notes & Quotes: March 15, 2019; Open Thread

Bale’s agent makes claim about Bale’s career at Madrid and Eibar coach gives thoughts on club managerial changes

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Bale’s agent claims he wants to stay in Madrid the rest of his career

Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale’s agent, has made more claims in an interview with BBC Sport about the relationship between Bale and Real Madrid, these ones a bit more positive though.

“He wants to play all his career for Real Madrid and if it does not work out, we will talk again.”

“He will talk with Mr. Zidane, take it from there, and then see at the end of the season.”

Barnett also took time to address the rumors of the rift between Bale and Zidane before Zidane’s departure last summer.

“Gareth wanted to play one way and Zidane wanted to play another. That was the cause of it and over a period of time it got worse.”

Barnett addressed quite a few other criticisms that have surrounded Bale as of late including why he doesn’t stay out late with the team, specifically because he is quiet and sticks to a strict schedule, and the criticism from both the English and Spanish press.

He even took the time to personally respond to Ramon Calderón’s comments about Bale not speaking a word of Spanish. This comment is too gold not to include here.

“Ex-president Ramon Calderón said he does not speak a word of Spanish, how does he know? He has not been within a mile of Gareth Bale, ever. For him to say that, it was like him saying Jose Mourinho was going to sign to be the next manager. Put them both together, that is how much sense he makes.”

Barnett has been a bit outspoken this season in regards to his client. But, that’s mainly due to the fact that so much criticism has come out of Bale from outside of the club of him. Bale not being fluent in Spanish has always led to criticism from certain fans and the media, but there has been plenty of straw grasping this season with the “concerns” of him not socializing with the club at different functions.

At the end of the day, Bale certainly deserves criticism for not playing his best this season but there has also been much unnecessary criticism just to pile on him, even with the constant whistling at the Bernabéu.

In regards to him staying with the club for his career, I wouldn’t be against it personally. As I’ve said before, I’m very much biased towards Bale because he has been my favorite player at the club since he joined from Tottenham.

He has great talent, but he’s been plagued by injuries throughout his time despite accomplishing historic moments at the club. Personally, preparations for disappointment are already made from my end should the club decide to move on from him this summer.

Eibar manager suggests other changes should be made besides the manager

SD Eibar’s manager Jose Luis Mendilibar gave his personal thoughts to Radio MARCA on Real Madrid appointing their third manager of the season in Zinedine Zidane.

“Zidane is Real Madrid’s third coach this season and that is not a good sign.” That’s a sign that they have failed twice.”

“When you have dismissed two coaches, maybe it’s time for whoever made the decisions to leave, as something has been done badly.”

“At Real Madrid, there is one who commands and does everything.”

This is pretty clearly a shot at club president Florentino Perez from Mendilibar. Certainly, it’s concerning with the season Real has had and the fact that neither Lopetegui nor Solari worked out as managerial replacements for Zidane.

However, Perez has still been the most accomplished president the club has had this century and gets a lot of unneeded criticism, as we’ve seen from his predecessor Ramon Calderón.

That being said, obviously selling Ronaldo and not getting a direct replacement has been fairly criticized, though this can still be reconciled under Zidane this summer. It’s fair to say the summer spending is already starting with the addition of Eder Militão.

Perez is going nowhere, he’s here for the time-being as president and he still should be looked at as a success for Real Madrid. Some of his damaged reputation, at least with fans, can be healed by just having a successful summer and getting the tools to win next season.

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