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Xabi Alonso Speaks After Winning His First Trophy As Infantil A Coach

Xabi Alonso’s coaching career is off to a good start.

Xabi Alonso Presents Emidio Tucci New Collection Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Xabi Alonso was appointed head coach of Infantil A at the beginning of the season and he has delivered immediately by winning the league. Here is what he had to say after securing the title:


Reporter: Could you give us a recap of this season, which climaxed here?

Xabi: First of all, the stars of this is them (points to the team). The ones that deserve it is them. They’re the ones that are on the pitch and fight, play, know how to suffer, & have made us enjoy it very much. Generally speaking it’s been a very positive, very good season. I believe the kids have been very mature, they’re learning many things & at this stage, that’s what it’s about.

Reporter: Double Satisfaction, winning & also seeing how they’re developing football-wise.

Xabi: Yes, first and foremost, this stage is all about development not about being competitive. However, at the same time we must have the desire to win — it’s all tied together. That’s why we try to have both things going hand in hand. They’re only fourteen-years-old, but they’re doing things that older players do. That’s what it’s all about. To give them a better idea, because little by little the level increases and they’ll be getting better.

Reporter: To do better is impossible. First season in charge — first league. What word best describes this season for you?

Xabi: Satisfaction. They’ve given me much satisfaction. When you do the work, prepare, and they go and do it... it’s like the prize for a job well done for me. I’m satisfied and very thankful to them, who deserve this.

Reporter: Already thinking of what’s to come next year or time to celebrate?

Xabi: Little by little. The moment to take a decision will come. I like to live it on the pitch and now I get to live it outside of it. I’m very involved, I communicate with the kids, prepare during the week so that the seventy minutes in this category are useful... so that they know how to play the 70 minutes regardless.

Reporter: In your opinion are the remaining matches still important?

Xabi: Undoubtedly. When you wear this crest, when you play with this shirt, the circumstances don’t matter. All matches are important. Every single minute counts.

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