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Eden Hazard: The Man Who Loves To Flirt

Chelsea FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Imagine this. You’re out with some friends. It’s a nice evening at the club. (Side note: I realize that a lot of our readers are male, feel free to change out the pronouns in whatever manner makes you most comfortable.) From across the room, he catches your eye. He’s cute. He’s got some good moves on the floor. You smile and maybe give a little wave. He smiles, and waves back. There’s a shy exchange of glances before you make your approach. Welcomed, conversation flows easily with an exchange of flirtations and numbers. Over the next few weeks, you message each other regularly, dropping hints – some with veiled intentions, some very clear. He seems like he could be a really good catch. After all, your friends liked him! Will this turn in to something more? Or will it just end up a few exchanges and then fizzle out?

This is the case with Eden Hazard and Real Madrid.

This flirting has gone on for months now. Eden Hazard has been linked to Real Madrid off and on for quite a while now. Rumors had been swirling throughout the end of the 2017/2018 season, but gained more validity shortly before the World Cup ended with Hazard commenting that it might be time for something new. They surfaced again in October, not long after the 18/19 season began, when Hazard made it clear that he thinks that Real Madrid is the best club in the world. In his words, Zidane has always been his idol and was excited with his return this past March. Zidane has responded in kind speaking to his appreciation of Hazard’s skill. Both Casemiro and Courtois have each expressed interest in having him join. However, Hazard has also denied that he has plans to head for Madrid as recently as April 8th.

Let’s do a quick oral history of this flirt-fest:

  1. May 2018: Hazard admits to being frustrated with how Chelsea had played that season.
  2. June 2018: Hazard – “Real Madrid could interest me…”
  3. July 2018: Hazard mentions that after six years with Chelsea, something new may be in order.
  4. August 2018: Hazard states that he’s happy where he is.
  5. September 2018: Hazard comments that he wanted to leave for Spain, but that he was also happy at Chelsea.
  6. October 2018: Hazard admits that he thinks Real Madrid is the best club in the world.
  7. November 2018: Hazard’s brother, Thorgan, comes out saying that he didn’t believe Eden would to come to Real Madrid in January, but would wait until the end of the season to decide.
  8. December 2018: The first whispers of an agreed-upon deal start being heard.
  9. January 2019: Hazard again expresses interest in signing with Real Madrid.
  10. February 2019: Hazard claims to have made a decision about his future.
  11. March 2019: Hazard denies rumors that he has agreed to a five-year deal.

The most recent rumors have him signing on with Real Madrid for around €100M during the summer transfer window. At this point, we’ll see what officially happens this summer between Hazard and Real Madrid.

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