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Editorial: A reminder to never under-appreciate anything, not a season or a player

The media can always paint their own picture but we can still find good in the bad

Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Amongst all the havoc throughout the 2018/19 season, the Spanish media has found ways to put an extra big spotlight on everything bad for Real Madrid. Though, we can’t be entirely mad at the media.

Between failing in every competition this season, having a massive goal drought, loosing Zinedine Zidane then hiring Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari to only fire both replacements and more, the club has been at one of it’s lowest performance levels, ever.

Thus, the backlash is justifiable.

But how Madridistas and the public comprehend and cope with the situation is the important part.

We can either hate everything and everyone and drown in our sorrow or, accept it for what it is and try to find the good in the bad.

No matter what happens in a season or what happens to a player, we have to remind ourselves (and each other) that we cannot take things for granted. Football, and it’s unpredictability makes it the sport we love but everything isn’t picture perfect. This is only a game, you know.

After being knocked out of the the La Liga title race, Copa Del Rey, and UEFA Champions League, the current situation for the club is terrible and at times, it is possible to disregard everything we previously took for granted.

Real Madrid is one of the most successful teams in the world and pulls in the best talent from all over the globe.

Everyone that is part of the club has given the team everything they have in both the good and bad seasons so we must not throw everything away so quickly when things get tough.

So many footballers from across the world dream of stepping onto the pitch of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and throughout history, some of the biggest names have passed through Real Madrid claiming the hearts of many.

They have built up their careers in Spain and possibly played their best football during their prime years in name of the capital. But most of importantly, they give everything their all.

Yet again, the media has a hand in amplifying how players a perceived. Add a rough season or drop in form into the mix and it is a recipe for disaster.

When things go wrong, it is very easy to start forgetting all the good things and begin under appreciating the value of the football we have seen over the last few years at the club.

We do this even when analyzing our players. In the media they can be the ones we place all the blame on and call their performances a disgrace but the truth is, they are still giving their best.

Now this is not to say we throw them to the wolves and bash them every chance we get, but there are times when we more-or-so under-appreciate the values, skills and techniques these players bring to the game.

Last Thursday, one of the players on the squad turned 26 years old and it is by understanding his very successful (yet very young career) that we can better come to terms with the meaning, ‘under-appreciated.’

Raphael Varane, who plays as centre-back for the club, first joined Real Madrid after leaving Lens for 10 million euros back in 2011 and has since developed one of the best trophies cabinets in the squad.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The Frenchman is one of the most sought out centre-backs in the world and while he is not always a player in the spotlight and makes his own mistakes (including red cards and own goals) we must not forget what he brings to the team.

He was shortlisted to win the 2018 Ballon D’Or, holds 34 trophies to his name and obtains the highest market value for a centre-back at 80 million euros (which is also the highest at Real Madrid) as per TransferMarkt.

The talent and leadership qualities that the young-centre back obtains is second to none, and while other bigger and better players may continue to win trophies and claim the spotlight, it is our responsibility to remember what we have in our own players, much like Varane.

Other big name clubs such as Manchester United and Juventus are fighting to have some of our players transfer over during the summer window in addition to Varane. Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Marcelo and Marco Asensio are a few who quickly come to mind.

We must remember to use this mentality when reviewing our current state as well. Despite the negatives, there is still a lot of positives to be thankful for and a dip in form does not call for a complete dismissal of everything in our history.

So yes, this past season has been a terrible one and yes, we are experiencing an unfamiliar feeling at the moment but it is key that Madridistas and all football fans understand one thing.

As a club we have a responsibility to always be at our best, and during desperate times, we should only focus on rethinking, refocusing, regrouping and rebuilding in order to meet the high standards set in place.

Every player that puts pen to paper for president Florentino Perez is joining the club with some sort of goal the biggest one of course to be to fight for titles but even if the goals are not met, it is important that Madridistas never underestimate or under-appreciate a season or player.

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