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Guti: “Every Player wants to go to Real Madrid”

In an exclusive interview with Marca, Guti reveals his coaching desires and his thoughts on the current situation at his beloved Real Madrid

Real Madrid v Malaga - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Jose Maria Guti is back in Turkey. He has returned to Istanbul, his first voyage was back in 2010, where he spent the last few years of his career with Besiktas. Now the assistant coach for the “Black Eagles”, Guti, gave an exclusive interview to Marca where he spoke about his need to grow as a coach, Real Madrid’s current season, and about a potential return to Madrid in the future: “ Of course I think about returning” he affirmed about the club he loves.

When first asked about his experiences as an assistant coach in Turkey, Guti responded in an upbeat manner, “It’s been good, it’s another experience, I am happy to have made this step and to continue progressing in my career as a coach. This experience will serve me well as I grow in this role, as a coach, which is what I want to be. It is true that this season has not been easy or simple, but we are pushing on”. Besiktas have had an up and down season, reportedly struggling to pay their players and staff wages. Former Madrid player, Pepe, had to terminate his contract due to the debacle but apparently tried to help pay the players and staff before his departure.

The interview then went on to discuss Guti’s life and adaptation in Turkey, the role his parents and family have played in his career, but also his desires as a coach. “I already said it when I left Real Madrid, I needed to grow in order to be a first team coach—that is my objective for next season. Where? I don’t know. I am content and happy here, but you never know what could happen” Guti stated. When posed with the following question, Many Madridistas say that one day Guti will be the first team coach of Real Madrid—is this still an aspiration, Guti was forthright: “Of course. I have always said it. For me, Real Madrid is the highest level, just as it was as a player. I have to earn it to be able to return to Real Madrid”.

It was not long before Marca returned their attention to the misfortunes of the current squad and asked the former captain for his perspective on Madrid’s current season. “As a Madridista, I have lived it like you all. It has been a complicated season, especially after so many marvelous years of success in Europe. There are cycles and this will pass. I know there are players and people in the club that have said it clearly, that this could have happened. They didn’t know if it would be this year or the following. Unfortunately, it has happened this year and now the club needs to remain calm and find the best solutions. Madrid will not have any problems in signing players, every player wants to go to Real Madrid” he affirmed.

Guti is a true Madridista. Madrid fans will continue to track his coaching career as he progresses through the ranks. After his unprecedented success with Juvenil A, the Madrid legend has been identified as a potential future Real Madrid first team coach. His interview with Marca alluded to a potential first team job this summer, time will tell if any offer entices the young coach.

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