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Managing Madrid Podcast: Iker Casillas Tribute; Real Madrid vs Lazio 2001

Kiyan Sobhani is joined by Eduardo Alvarez and Matt Wiltse for some nostalgia

Real Madrid celebrate

This Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in two parts.

Part One (Kiyan Sobhani and Eduardo Alvarez):

- Remember the good of Iker Casillas

- Explaining his peak

- Harrowing Iker moments

- Our favourite Iker moments

- Why did he decline?

- And more

Part Two (Kiyan Sobhani and Matt Wiltse), Real Madrid vs Lazio 2001 (link to watch)

- How would Real Madrid’s play back then hold up now?

- The dominant nature of Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos

- Claude Makelele’s underrated dribbling ability

- Ivan Helguera as a DM

- Lazio’s stacked squad

- Figo’s insane dribbling

- The relentless crossing

- And more.

Thanks for being a Patron. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Hosts this week:

Eduardo Alvarez (@Alvarez)

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Matt Wiltse (@MattWitltse4)

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