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Champions League Final, Match Thread, June 1, 2019

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

It’s nearly time for the famed Champions League music to kick on one last time this season for what is always a magical moment for football fans around the world: The Champions League final. Granted, this is a bittersweet moment as well (some might just say a meaningless moment), since Real Madrid fans are used to being the ones cheering for their team at this very moment. But we can’t be perfect every year, am I right? As fans of the sport in general, many of us will still kick back, relax at home or at the bar with some mates, and enjoy the Europe’s biggest final as a neutral for the first time in several years.

Ask yourself, if someone would have told you las August that Tottenham Hotspurs would be facing Liverpool in the Champions League final, what would your reaction be? Don’t tell me you would have called that one. The real question is, though: If Liverpool lose tonight, how will Klopp blame Sergio Ramos? Jokes aside, for those watching, who will you be rooting, or no one at all? Tottenham all day for me. They beat the giant killers (lol, Ajax #neverforget), and they are not Liverpool.

Use this is your live thread for pre-game and match time chatter. Let’s let someone else feel success this year so that we can rip it out of their hands and return the trophy to its rightful owners next year. Hala Madrid!

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