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Managing Madrid Podcast: Mailbag with Ryan O’Hanlan, on football analytics, measuring process over results, Raul as Castilla manager, and more

Two part mailbag on all things Real Madrid and analytics with Kiyan Sobhani, Ryan O’Hanlan, Matt Wiltse, and Gabe Lezra

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

This mailbag edition of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in two parts.

Part 1 (Kiyan Sobhani, Ryan O’Hanlan of NoGrassInTheClouds)

- Fernando Torres’s retirement

- Metrics to measure positional performance, and what space a player should be in on the pitch when his team has the ball

- How xP is calculated

- How Real Madrid underperformed their xP last season

- How much does Zinedine Zidane’s three-peat give him a pass?

- Is Paul Pogba’s attitude really a significant distraction?

- What does he bring to the table on the pitch?

- Jan Oblak’s freak stats that make him undeniably the best goalkeeper in the world

- The importance of a ball-playing GK

- Was this season peak-Messi?

- And more

Part 2 (Kiyan Sobhani, Matt Wiltse, Gabe Lezra)

- How far away are we from baseball analytics?

- How much would our La Liga form change over the past few years if we consistently had a second striker?

- More lingering Marcos Llorente questions

- Will other players follow Llorente’s path?

- Raul as Castilla manager

- Comparing the season to the 2015 / 2016 season

- And more

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Hosts this week:

Gabe Lezra (@ElEzrah)

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Matt Wiltse (@MattWiltse4)

Ryan O’Hanlan (@rwohan)

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