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Luka Jovic writes “Hola, Madrid” letter for Player’s Tribune

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Real Madrid Pre-Season Training Camp Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Real Madrid attacker Luka Jovic has written a very interesting letter for Player’s Tribune where he reviews his early life in Serbia and the first years of his career in football.

You can read the letter and watch the video here to get a better understanding of Jovic’s mindset as an attacker.

“It’s funny, the last time I played for the national team, one of my teammates, Stefan Mitrović, said something like, “Man, the things I could do if I had your confidence.” But for me, it just makes sense. How can you be a striker without confidence? For this position, the most important part is not the beginning, it is the ending,” writes Jovic

Jovic appears to be somewhat shy and he’s still 21 years old. It’s clear that it will be important for him to have some kind of mentor in the club and Luka Modric appears to be that player as both players had dinner together in Madrid last week.

All in all, Jovic will only be expected to be Benzema’s backup at least for the next couple of seasons. However, his potential and skill set are very valuable and he should play meaningful minutes this season coming off the bench whenever Madrid need to score a goal to turn things around.

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