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A Brief Intro To Las Blancas

Hortaleza Periódico Vecinal

By now, you all know that it’s official. Our women’s team starts playing their games this year at Valdebebas. Their first game this season will be on August 12th against Athletic Club Femenino for the Trofeo Carranza.

The question I have is… who are the players? With CD Tacon just earning their place in the first division this season, we haven’t heard much about the existing team. I know that a list of names isn’t exactly an introduction, but I will be using my next two articles to get a little more in depth with Las Blancas roster.

Goalkeepers: Sara Ezquerro de las Heras (13), Yohana Goméz Camino (1), Marta Alonso González (1). (The Tacon website lists both goalkeepers assigned with a #1 jersey.)

Defenders: Lucía Suárez Garcia (21), Esther Martin-Pozuelo Aranda (15), Noemi Andrés Laguna (23), Camila Alejandra Saéz Oyaneder (18), Lucía Maria Rodríguez Herrero (4), Samara Ortiz Cruz (14), Laura Bravo Rico (3)

Midfielders: Gema Prieto Arenas (10), Patricia Carballo Penas (2), Malena Ortiz Cruz (8), Lola Martín Alonso (6), Lorena Muñoz Bravo (22), Sheyla Andrino Escribano (7), Ana María Del Pozo García (5), María Ruiz Román (19)

Forwards: Yamila Badell Graña (17), Lorena Navarro Domínguez (9)

Earlier this month, RMF /CD Tacon signed Swedish player Kosovare Asllani to the team as the first official Real Madrid Femenino signing. Asllani is the only Tacon player to be seen in this most recent Women’s World Cup. (Prior to Asllani’s signing, CD Tacon had another World Cup participant in Argentinian Ruth Bravo, but she has since signed with Rayo Vallecano.)

How many of these players will actually stay is the question I am most curious about as the transfer window unfolds. It seems that there are several different sources that show different players on the roster as well. The list above comes directly from their website.

I am also wondering if our €500.000 purchase will, at some point, include their youth teams. Per their website, Tacon have a Juvenil A and B side, as well as an Infantil A and B. From what I can find, this is not currently the case, but there is potential for their acquisition in the future.

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