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Bale’s agent: “I can guarantee that Bale won’t leave Real Madrid on a loan deal”

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Jonathan Barnett speaks to Sky Sports again.

Real Madrid Pre-Season Training Camp Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has talked to Sky Sports once again about the reports saying that the Welshman is set to leave Real Madrid.

“We won’t rush anything to get Bale out of the club. Gareth is one of the world’s best players and I can guarantee that he won’t leave Real Madrid on a loan deal,” he said when asked about the rumors saying that he could sign a one-year loan deal to play in the Chinese SuperLeague.

Much has been said about Bale’s departure over the last few days. First, Zidane decided not to play him a single minute during Madrid’s first preseason match against Bayern. Then, the French coach explained that he was about to leave the club and that “the sooner, the better.” This Monday, he explained his words a little bit better and said that the attacker asked not to play. Barnett said some more words about Bale’s future.

“Bale is a Real Madrid player and right now he will stay as a Real Madrid player. If something convenient comes up, things could change and he could end up leaving next day or next week. Or he could stay in Real Madrid for the next three years until the end of his contract,” concluded Barnett.