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James, Casemiro and Militao back in training with Real Madrid

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James Rodriguez, Militao and Casemiro started training with Real Madrid’s squad today after enjoying some extra days off because of their participation in the Copa America. Madrid play a friendly game against Tottenham this Tuesday but it might be too soon for them to get minutes, so they will likely stay in the Spanish capital to complete another training session in Valdebebas.

It’s interesting seeing James back with the team. Much has been reported about his future but it seems that he could stay in Real Madrid given the lack of good offers Los Blancos have received. If Bale ends up leaving the club, James has a chance to play in Real’s right wing.

On the other hand, Militao and Casemiro are expected to play relevant minutes this season. The midfielder will start unless Madrid complete the signing of Pogba and Zidane decides to play him as a defensive midfielder —which isn’t his natural position—. Militao will compete with Varane and Ramos for a spot in the lineup and will need to improve his conditioning soon in order to increase his chances of starting.