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Opinion: Real Madrid’s presence in football now more important than ever

After such a progressive Women’s World Cup, the club holds a new found responsibility for helping improve women’s football.

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Mid-afternoon on July 7th, 2019, the United States Women’s National Team made history by claiming back-to-back FIFA Women’s World Cup titles, the fourth star for their country.

Yet while they will always have their claim to fame, it was not just the American’s who created history, but the entirety of those involved in the tournament.

With the success in France, the entirety of the women’s game is developing at a rapid rate and the rest of the world is set to follow the trend, including Real Madrid.

Starting back on the 7th of June, the football world welcomed in a new era of women’s football; an era that should have started a lot sooner than it did, one that pushes for equality across the board.

This year’s edition of the tournament saw the talent and strength of women in sports hit new levels both physically and mentality.

Every team approached the tournament wanting to shed new light on the game by putting on the most important performances of their careers. They also came, however, with the intentions of putting women’s football on the podium it deserves to be on.

The players were vocalizing and pushing for fair pay, more media coverage, better acknowledgement and it is because of this push for change that each and every player has contributed to history, whether they claimed the trophy or not.

Now, after all the success in this year’s campaign, media organizations, sponsors, leagues and clubs from all around the world are preparing to take the next steps.

One of the most dominant and progressive women’s football league in the world is National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and with it’s nine clubs, it has been a platform for female players to train, play and dream over the years.

Other leagues in Europe are also constructing their own progress within women’s football and are embracing all the positives that come with it.

England has the FA Women’s Premier League, Germany the Frauen Bundesliga, France the Division 1 Féminine, Italy the Femminile Serie A and of course, Spain the Women’s Primera Divisíon.

With the news of Real Madrid now introducing their own Women’s team, they have a new found responsibility come the 2019/2020 season.

As arguably the biggest club in the world, they have to be one of the driving personalities pushing for the growth of women’s football thanks to the platform they find themselves on.

They already have the equipment and trainers, the stadiums, the media connections and the following, so now it is time to put everything towards the fight for equality in women’s football.

Add in that the Spanish Football Federation will also assist in the growth of the game by investing 20 million euros in the 2019/2020 season and everything is set up for the club to be one of the frontiers of this campaign.

The onus now, is on Real Madrid to make the most of this newly found progressive era they found themselves in.

They are a key piece to the puzzle for women’s football to succeed and the players, the country and the world will be waiting to see what they add to history.

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