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Managing Madrid 2020: The Campaign to 1000 Patrons

The MM crew are planning on producing content like never before!

The New Year has arrived and Managing Madrid team are looking to operate at an even higher level. What does that mean? More engaging, high quality content regarding the club we love. Our goal is to reach 1,000 Patrons, and to do so we will give our Patrons exclusive podcasts on:

· Champions League, Copa Del Rey, and La Liga midweek post-game shows

· The team will identify 1 key Football community guest (I.E. Journalist, Agents, Players, Analysts, etc.) per month for an interview on a podcast episode.

· Loan Tracker / Castilla Weekly Updates

· Historical Segment

· Interview former RMTV Employees about their experience at the club

· Kiyan + Lucas Thursday Mailbags

· Live Podcasts

Once we have reached our goal of 1000 patrons, we will have giveaways for each tier level above $3. The giveaway will increase in value per donation level. Examples include:

· $5 patron: Personalized digital thank you video from the MM team

· $10 patron: RM insulated travel coffee mug

· $25: Managing Madrid / Odegaard hoodie

· $75: RM official training top

· $100: Select Real Madrid jersey with custom name on the back

*These giveaways are in addition to the existing perks per donation level listed on Patreon.

*If the team can maintain a level of 1,000 Patrons or more, our giveaways will continue to occur twice a year.

So why the big push? The Managing Madrid team are constantly looking to grow, evolve, and expand the biggest English speaking language Real Madrid podcast on the planet. We want to further our reach and ensure that we can maintain the strong team we have assembled. The increase in Patrons would also allow the team to conduct more live podcasts in some of the biggest cities around the world. It would cover travel expenses and allow the team to invest in lighting equipment, a camera, latch-on microphones, all for recording and improving the quality of live podcasts and other video related content.

2020 will be a big year for the Managing Madrid team – we will be sure to provide an exceptional return on value for any donation! Sign up now using the link below:

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