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Peter Crouch On Gareth Bale: “He didn’t go to the gym and just ate beans on toast”

Tottenham Hotspur v BSC Young Boys - UEFA Champions League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

I too, am a physical specimen that relies on carbohydrates rather than working out.

In the latest issue of FourFourTwo Magazine, Peter Crouch spoke about Bale’s biggest secret when it comes to being an elite physical athlete at Tottenham.

“I watched Bale flying up and down for Spurs and ripping Maicon to shreds against Inter with high-intensity running,” Crouch told FourFourTwo. “I thought, ‘How does he do it?’”

“So I started watching him really closely. He didn’t go to the gym and just ate beans on toast, so I started doing the same.”

Crouch, who had his own unique physical abilities, says the beans on toast didn’t quite do the same charm for him as it did for Gareth.

“I thought, ‘Well I can do the no gym stuff, no problem - and beans on toast, I like beans.’”

“I went for it, but some beans have more magic than other beans, I suppose.”

Crouch also said that Gareth wasn’t the only footballer who he’d come across with the same philosophy.

“I actually spoke to Paul Scholes recently and asked him what his pre-match meal was,” said Crouch.

“He said, ‘Baked beans on toast’ - exactly the same as Gareth.”

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