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Reinier: “I have always loved Real. The four Champions gave me a happiness that is difficult to explain”

In an exclusive interview with MARCA, the Brazilian revealed his joy at joining the club of his dreams

Lucas Figueiredo - Official Photographer of the Brazilian National Football Team

Real Madrid’s latest boy-wonder gave an exclusive interview to Spanish publication, MARCA, where he could not hide his excitement and joy at joining the biggest club in the world. An English translation of the interview has been provided below:

Question: Do you feel in shock, possibly dizzy, now that your transfer to Real Madrid is official?

RJ: I don’t know if it’s exactly vertigo, but it’s true that to be in Real Madrid is to be at the top of football.

Question: When did you first get the news that Real Madrid was interested in you?

RJ: Well, it was during a Brazil NT camp. My father and my agent told me something regarding Real Madrid. The truth is that I could not believe it!

Question: Where does this passion for Real Madrid come to you?

RJ: Real Madrid is the greatest. When I was very small I already saw the matches of Real Madrid with the “Galacticos”, I watched with my father. I loved Madrid. And of course since then I have always loved them. The four Champions League triumphs that Madrid has won in recent years had given me a happiness and pride that is difficult to explain.

Question: Who are you eager to meet first at Real Madrid?

RJ: Everyone! There are so many great players. To know that I’ll be able to meet Raúl and Zidane is already something incredible. They are two legends of football and of Real Madrid.

Question: You are a player that we label as an “artist”. Who in this current Real Madrid squad is an artist for you?

RJ: Oh man, Benzema and Hazard are pure art. My God, how they play! Of course, there are others as well.

Question: What can you tell us about your countrymen in the first team?

RJ: They are fabulous. Marcelo and Casemiro are established stars and masters of their craft. Their career and titles are an example to all young people. As for Vini, Rodry and Militao - I am convinced that Madrid has signed real top players.

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