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The week at Castilla (so far)

Some lows and a high...

Brazil U23 v Peru U23 - CONMEBOL Preolimpico Colombia 2020 Photo by Daniel Munoz/VIEW press via Getty Images

Three main factors proceeded to slap Castilla in the face, before helping them back up this week. They played out a fixture away to fellow strugglers Club Marino De Luanco, had the first team opportunity of the early Copa Del Rey rounds to look forwards too, and brought in a new signing... Lets take a look at all three happenings and assess where that leaves Castilla during the new year:

The Game

Castilla have only won one away game all season, and that was in the recent replayed match against Celta Vigo’s B team. Victory’s were also scarce, with the team being unable to win more than one game in a row all year, either. Marino De Luanco presented a more than winnable fixture, though - and myself and the Castilla Corner members were eagerly anticipating this match-up. That was, until the coverage was intentionally blocked by another media company. This has happened a few times this season now, and if anyone was wondering why then you’ll be relieved that I recently found the answer. Last year a media company bought the rights to Segunda B, and the fourth division in Spain. Whilst Real Madrid TV can still freely show Castilla home games, many away games are now forbidden to be broadcast, and are thereby cut from viewing on anything but the Spanish TV channel. The only solution would be to buy into the new rights-owners to potentially view a few games, which in my opinion is not worth it. Castilla went on to lose the game 1-0 as well, placing them one just point above the relegation play-off zone in 12th place.

The Copa

Real Madrid were drawn against third division side Unionistas FC in the Copa Del Rey, a side Castilla know very well. Last season Castilla did the double over them, winning 3-0 at home and 4-1 away, in the unorthodox stadium in which the Copa game is to be played. Over the past few years the first round of the cup has been a prime opportunity for Castilla players to earn the chance of a lifetime and take to the pitch for the first team. I literally cannot begin to count the amount of players that have benefited from this system. Then, last summer, the cup underwent a restructure. The traditional two legged tie system was shaved down in favour of the single game round. It’s easier to overcome the big boys in one game rather than two, so many saw this change as a positive. But it immediately signalled a potential problem for the Castilla players. That problem was confirmed yesterday. Altube, the keeper who makes most first team squads was called up, but not a single other Castilla player made the cut. For a trophy that Zidane wants to take seriously this season, it obviously wasn’t worth the risk anymore. With that in mind, not a single outfield call-up is not good enough from the club, and I am desperately hoping that this season might be the exception.

Reinier Jesus

A new player is in town. Well, not quite yet. Highly rated Brazilian teenager Reinier Jesus Carvalho signed for Real Madrid on Monday from Flamengo for a fee of around €30,000,000. He signed a six year deal with the club, and will spend at least the rest of this season with Castilla. From scouting reports and the highlights available, he looks to be a huge boost for Castilla. If the move goes well, then this could transform the season for Castilla. You can view Matt Wiltse’s scouting report here. He will also be spoken about on the ManagingMadrid podcast all week, including in depth on the next Castilla Corner. For that reason, this will be a very brief but excited introduction for the young superstar.

Castilla’s next game will be the weekend against the high-flying Peña Deportiva, a side that won the previous game 2-0. Reinier is currently with the Brazilian under-23s and won’t be available for at least the next fixture. By the time he returns, Castilla could be in the relegation zone and in dire need of his assistance... The next Castilla corner will cover everything spoken about today and more, so be on the lookout for it to drop!

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