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Player Ratings: CD Tacón 0 - 1 EDF Logroño

Kaci was the player of the match in an unfamiliar left midfield role.

CD Tacon v FC Barcelona - 1st Division Femenina Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

CD Tacón dropped all three points at home against EDF Logroño in what felt like a very winnable game. Here is how each of Tacón’s individuals performed:


GK: Yohana

Rating: 5/10

She didn’t have much to do for a lot of the game until Logroño put in a looping cross into the box in the 58th minute. Yohana came off her line in a completely unconvincing manner, misjudged the flight of the ball, and allowed Ida Guehai to head the opener into an empty net. She somewhat redeemed herself with a one-versus-one save against the aforementioned Guehai later on, but her error is too big to ignore.

RB: Babett Peter

Rating: 5/10

She was not super involved on the offensive end and was one of the players who was responsible for the conceded goal. After Logroño split Tacón’s midfield line and played the ball wide, Peter inexplicably decided not to close in on the winger and backed away to the center of the pitch. This allowed a free cross.

RCB: Osinachi Ohale

Rating: 6/10

An average game from the center-back. She was not tested nearly as much as her partner in central defense and did not stand out with any spectacular defensive interventions.

LCB: Daiane

Rating: 7/10

It feels dirty to give Daiane such a rating, considering that she was very good for most of the match. She stepped up aggressively and decisively to cut out danger and cleared vertical balls into the defense with confidence. It seemed that the opposition consistently targeted her side of the pitch and she single-handedly prevented many attacks from materializing into something greater. Nevertheless, she was extremely poor on Logroño’s goal. She had Guehai in her sights but misjudged the flight of the ball and missed her attempted interception. Hence, Guehai was completely free by the time she connected and sent the ball goalwards.

LB: Esther

Rating: 7/10

Esther put in a decent offensive shift, maneuvering the ball well against pressure and feeding dangerous passes into the channels as part of David Aznar’s attacking strategy. She was part of the reason Tacón didn’t produce many turnovers in their own half, which has been a characteristic flaw of this team throughout the season.

RM: Lorena Navarro

Rating: 7.5/10

Due to Tacón’s reliance on transitions and direct passes, Aznar’s forward players need to be extremely efficient and crisp with their touches and actions. Lorena lived up to that necessity, rarely losing the ball and swiftly moving possession into advanced positions. She set up Sofia Jakobsson on the edge of the box nicely in the first half, but the Swede could only fire wide. Lorena was eventually substituted for Patricia Carballo as Aznar looked to mount a comeback.

RCM: Thaisa

Rating: 6.5/10

Thaisa was solid. She made her typical defensive interventions and streaked up the pitch to get off a couple of shots.

LCM: Ainoa Campo

Rating: 6/10

Ainoa played in a curious defensive midfield role, where she often dropped to aid her center-backs on goal kicks. It seemed like she was there to provide extra security when building out from the back, but she was rarely used, limiting her potential effectiveness. I liked what I saw from her when she was on the ball, but she was caught out on the goal; Silvia Ruiz García slipped behind Ainoa and received in plenty of space, allowing the Logroño midfielder to spray the ball to the wing.

LM: Aurélie Kaci

Rating: 8/10

Kaci did an admirable job in an unfamiliar left midfield role. She did gravitate towards the center too often for my liking, but that was balanced out by Esther keeping the width and Ainoa dropping so that Kaci wasn’t moving into redundant space. Other than that, Kaci was extremely useful defensively, carried the rock well under pressure, and helped move the ball upfield swiftly and accurately. POTM performance.

RS: Kosovare Asllani

Rating: 5.5/10

Asllani was fairly subdued. She did have a couple nice dribbling actions that were stopped by cynical fouls, but she was largely uninvolved and made little impact in the final third.

LS: Sofia Jakobsson

Rating: 5.5/10

Unusually quiet game from Tacón’s most talented attacker. She didn’t take on defenders in the way that we’ve become accustomed to seeing and was inefficient with her crosses and shooting opportunities.


RM: Patricia Carballo (on for Lorena)

Rating: 6/10

Came on and looked like she could change things with her technical quality, but Tacón’s offense never recovered after the goal and she failed to get adequately involved in play.

LS: Chioma Ubogagu (on for Asllani)

Rating: 6/10

The ball was consistently funneled to Chioma in the death, but she was unable to handle the swarm of defenders collapsing around her and could not be the late-game influence she has been garnering a reputation for.

ST: Jessica Martínez (on for Esther)

Rating: N/A

Not enough time on the pitch to evaluate her fairly.

Link to full match replay.

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