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Adil Rami on Mbappe to Real Madrid: “His future is all mapped out. It’s sad for Parisians.”

Kylian Mbappé of France, Adil Rami of France and Florian... Photo by Thiago Bernardes/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Yes, we realize this is yet another Mbappe to Real Madrid piece — the nearly identical one that comes out on a regular basis, and will continue to come out until the day that Mbappe (possibly) joins Real Madrid.

Today’s quote is from Mbappe’s French national teammate Adil Rami.

In an interview with RMCsports’s Top of The Foot, Rami spoke about Mbappe’s future, one that likely sees him as a Real Madrid player.

“Mbappé to Real Madrid? I think it is done,” Rami told the show in an interview today. “Especially since the renovation is not advancing.”

By “renovation”, Rami is talking about Mbappe’s contract with PSG, one that has shown no progress of an extension, and the situation did not get resolved when Mbappe met with Leonardo earlier this week.

“I have the impression that it annoys him to talk about this,” Rami continued. “His future is all mapped out. It’s sad for Parisians.”

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