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Butragueno: “The stadium renovations will start a new era at the club”

Butragueno spoke to MARCA Sport Weekend regarding the impact of the pandemic on the club and the aspirations for the new Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid And Exness Partnership Presentation Photo by Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

Emilio Butraqueno, the director International Relations for Real Madrid, spoke with MARCA Sport Weekend in a recent interview discussing the dramatic life-altering impact the global coronavirus pandemic imposed on the club as well as an update on the stadium renovations.

“We are living in a very difficult period for everyone,” Butragueno explained. “Since the pandemic started, the Madridista family has lost Lorenzo Sanz, ex-president of the club, directors, employees, and more — I want to take this moment to provide homage to those we lost. In March, the world stopped. We all went home. Employees, players...the players were in constant contact with the technical staff thanks to technology and could work out at home in preparation for their return to the pitch.”

When asked about the tremendous effort Real Madrid put out to support coronavirus relief, Butraqueno explained the reasoning behind those acts of good-will. “We are who we are thanks to society and because of that we used all our power and authority to have the Bernabeu function as a support center.”

As the interview went on, Butraqueno spoke about the need to stabilize the club and react in a healthy manner to the new economic realties imposed on the club. “There was no activity, no games, the physical relationship with fans disappeared. The Bernabeu did not have any activity and that placed an economic burden on the club in terms of ticket sales, museum visits, VIP trips. The club reacted and established a plan to adjust their spending, as well as a reduction in expenses and salaries.”

“We had to be coherent and responsible,” Butraqueno told MARCA sport weekend. “For that reason we sold and loaned players. The club has always been active in regards to signings, but we had to be prudent. It was an exercise in responsibility. The situation continues to be the same. We are in November and we will have to see how things evolve. I hope that soon we can enjoy football how it was always intended,” Butraqueno concluded.

Finally, the Director of International Relations, had the opportunity to speak about the stadium renovations at the Santiago Bernabeu. “The renovations will be a essential element and fundamental piece to the future of Real Madrid. It will begin a new era at the club. The stadium is in strategic location and will be an icon for the city. We aspire to dominate the football world thanks to our stadium. It will be enjoyed 365 days a year. The fan can enjoy the stadium all year long, not just the 30 games that are played in a year. We know that this is huge goal, but it will help us in our future aspirations to compete with the best in world football. We aspire to be the best, and to be the best, we have to have the best players and the stadium is a strategic element towards that goal.”

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