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Tebas: “Madrid fans won’t like the Super League after they have gone 5 years without winning anything”

The La Liga President was once again vocal in his rejection of a potential European Super League

Ahead of the 180th La Liga El Clasico Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Florentino Perez is known to be leading the charge in hopes of organizing a European Super League made up of the 18 biggest clubs across Europe’s big five leagues. The league would throw the elite clubs into a new stratosphere in terms of TV revenue and global appeal. As Jorge Valdano put it on El Laguero, “The multi-millionaire clubs, want to be super-millionaires”. The most recent reports suggest that the league would take the place of the UEFA Champions League, and not the domestic leagues, but those rumors are yet to be confirmed. Either way Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, has been extremely vocal in his rejection of an potential European Super League.

In an interview with Spanish radio program, El Partidazo de Cope, Tebas suggested that Real Madrid fans would quickly dislike any Super League as it would lead to lengthy trophy droughts and more losses. “When Madrid don’t win the Super League they [the fans] will get angry,” Tebas explained. “When Madrid don’t win anything for 5 years, I can assure you that he [Florentino Perez] will have killed his fans, because they have grown in victory”.

“I don’t have to offer Madrid or Barcelona anything, I have to convince them that this idea is wrong,” Tebas said. “More than 40 clubs are against it, and my obligation is to defend them. Florentino considers the domestic league to be played during the week, like a second division. The only person I have seen support Florentino was Bartomeu. I don’t know of any other club that supports him”.

“There is not going to be a Super League. It is not a project in which there are 20 clubs. It is a project of 4 or 2, and it would find opposition from the leagues, UEFA and FIFA,” he explained.

Javier Tebas also talked about the growth of La Liga and it’s value even without players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. “We have worked for many years building a league that is above any player. Cristiano and Neymar already left, but we continue to grow. Hopefully Messi does not leave, nor Sergio Ramos, nor anybody,” Tebas told listeners.

The subject of the Super League has intensified this week as Florentino Perez gave a speech to club members explaining the importance of the project. Arancha Rodriguez, a journalist who has featured on Partidazo de Cope, has suggested that the creation of a European Super League is closer than expected and could come to fruition as early as 2022. Florentino Perez’s goal is to see Madrid continue to compete with the new financial power-houses (Manchester City, PSG) in the decades to come and feels a European Super League is the mean to that end.

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