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Match Report: Real Madrid Castilla 2-0 SS Reyes

An eventful day for Castilla...

This fixture was originally set up to be a welcoming ceremony for new signing Reinier Jesus Carvalho, but ended up being eventful in other areas. Raúl’s already difficult squad selection task was made a lot more complicated after learning that he now had to accommodate for the first team’s second top scorer: Rodrygo Goes. This was a first as Rodrygo found himself falling down the pecking order. This led to Marvin Park being the most droppable undroppable player, as Castilla fielded the strongest line-up possible. Top scorer Miguel Baeza was shifted onto the wing in his place. Marvel at Castilla’s most expensive starting line-up ever below...

You literally spent more money on your last emergency shop run for milk than UD San Sebastián de los Reyes spent during the summer, meaning that anything but a smooth win for Castilla’s €80,000,000 line-up would be extremely embarrassing. Frustratingly, the performance wasn’t very convincing at all today and the game relied on moments of quality from certain individuals to avoid that exact embarrassment. Rodrygo Goes danced well with Reinier Jesus to set up the opener, as the latest Brazilian prodigy back-heeled the ball in the box to create space for Álvaro Fidalgo to finish nicely. The second goal was all Rodrygo, as he ran the half before poking the ball past the keeper, getting sent off in the resulting celebrations. Apart from these decisive plays, the visitors could consider themselves lucky to leave empty handed after creating enough chances of their own. The game was scrappy and unremarkable, especially after all the hype that these players brought into it.

The intensive, quality-filled quick passing game that has just started to come to fruition for Castilla was completely scrapped today, likely due to the attention and decisions brought with the inclusion of Reinier and Rodrygo. A week ago I never thought we’d see the latter fielded for Castilla again, so whether or not this becomes a regular occurrence is unclear. If it does, and with Reinier sticking around anyway, they will need to be tuned to Raúl’s vision and quickly. This shouldn’t be a difficult task given the quality of the players in question. Rodrygo’s late red card was harsh, and now means that he will miss next weekends action, both for Castilla against Pontevedra, and more than likely the first team Clásico with Barcelona... After a poor first half Rodrygo ended up having a decent game, but there werent many other stand-outs. Both centre-backs in Mario Gila and Javier Hernández were probably the teams best players, with Fidalgo and both Brazilians looking good at times - but I wouldn’t stretch to brand this a great performance by most of these players.

The result ended up being passable, but the performance leaves a lot to discuss on the next Castilla Corner, where all of these topics will be brought up and more. UD San Sebastián are rock bottom of the table and gave Castilla a good game. With these points, Castilla climb a good distance away from the relegation zone (6 points), with the play-offs just about in sight (4 points). This team is only going to progress as Reinier gets used to his new surroundings, and the potential inclusion of Rodrygo more often would also be a huge factor for Castilla. Depending on the events of the next month or so, Castilla could genuinely be looking to gain promotion via a play-off place come the end of the season. Either that, or a forgetful mid-table finish awaits. Man of the match today went to Mario Gila who was flawless throughout the game, being one of only two players to noticeably stand out. Next weeks trip to Pontevedra will be another talking point for sure.... Don’t miss it!

Goals: Fidalgo and Rodrygo.

Assists: Reinier and Abou.

MOTM: Gila.

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