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Notes & Quotes: March 27, 2020; Open Thread

Berbatov comments on Jovic situation, Roberto Carlos wanted Neymar at Real Madrid and Julien Faubert weighs in on his club loan spell

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CA Osasuna v Real Madrid - Liga Photo by Pressinphoto/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Berbatov comments on the Jovic situation

Former Bulgarian striker and legend Dimitar Berbatov gave some comments on the Luka Jovic situation at Real Madrid in an interview with Betfair (via MARCA).

“Like me, he [Jovic] is from the Balkans and we like life a bit too much at times, so I hope that success and his move to Real Madrid hasn’t gone to his head too much.”

“That can be dangerous and he needs to be disciplined.”

Berbatov is of course referring to the recent incident where Jovic reportedly fled quarantine to travel to his native Serbia to be with his girlfriend. There have been reports that even allege he could face jail time in Serbia for his actions.

Whether the discipline Berbatov is referring to comes from a national or club standpoint, seems a bit unclear. However, MARCA’s report on the interview seems to be that Berbatov is expecting Real Madrid to be the ones who punish the 22-year-old.

Berbatov also said Jovic must “be patient and work hard, or go to England or somewhere else he can play” if he doesn’t “score goals and show what he was doing in Germany” if he hopes to get ahead of Karim Benzema.

AS also reports that the 15-day quarantine for its players and staff has come to an end after a Real Madrid Baloncesto player tested positive for coronavirus. No other players or staff have tested positive since. Players are still performing daily routines in order to stay in shape while the season remains on hold.

Roberto Carlos wanted Neymar at Real Madrid already

Real Madrid and Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos spoke with Fox Sports Radio where he said he wanted Neymar to join Real a while ago.

“If it were up to me, [Neymar] would already be here a long time ago, but life is not how one would like it.”

”These great players always have to play for the best clubs in the world.”

”Do you want to win the Champions League? Come to Real Madrid.”

There were rumors a couple of years back that Neymar was in talks to play at the Bernabéu. Real Madrid came out swiftly with a ‘Comunicado Oficial’ to dispel the rumors and obviously no move actually happened.

Carlos also commented on Marcelo not being included in the Brazilian National Team as of late.

“Everyone deserves a new opportunity and I think Marcelo is growing again to be the Marcelo I saw play, with joy, who does things that only he can do on the field.”

Former Real Madrid loanee Faubert speaks on loan spell at Bernabéu

Julien Faubert spent only one season on loan at Real Madrid from West Ham United in 2009. He only appeared in a couple of matches, but he had quite a bit to say recently in an interview with The Athletic.

“We were on the team bus making our way to Upton Park to play Fulham. I received a call from this French guy at Real Madrid and he said to me, ‘Hi, I work for Real Madrid and we have to talk to you.’

“I told him I have an important game to prepare for and I don’t have time for this BS. I switched off my phone, we played the game and after the match I switched on my phone and saw around 30 text messages and 50 voicemails. That’s when I knew it was serious.”

Faubert revealed how big of a deal it was for him to join Real Madrid and how his teammates at West Ham teased him about it. He also revealed that Antonio Valencia, who was with Wigan at the time, was Real Madrid’s first choice at right back but he moved to Manchester United.

Even though Faubert didn’t play much at all, there was one controversy surrounding his brief time at Real Madrid. During a match against Villarreal, he was seen sleeping on the bench.

“When I was on the bench, I closed my eyes for about 30 seconds and they thought I was p*ssed off because I wasn’t playing and they said, ‘OK, this guy is sleeping.’ The president said I need to be careful because there are photographers and cameras everywhere.”

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