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VIDEO: Medical Analysis Of Eden Hazard’s Ankle Injuries

Dr. Rajpal Brar of 3CB Performance looks at whether Hazard’s ankle injuries are connected.

I’m used to primarily seeing Dr. Rajpal Brar’s (@3cbPerformance) videos on basketball, but it looks like he also does medical analysis for soccer, as well. In his latest video, he assesses whether Eden Hazard’s ankle injuries are connected and what his recovery timeline might look like. Rajpal is a doctor of physical therapy and a sports scientist and I encourage you to check out his other work on youtube.

Based on Rajpal’s best guesstimate and consultation with other professionals, he believes that Hazard’s series of injuries were probably down to misfortune and that Eden will likely miss the rest of the season with Real Madrid. However, Hazard will possibly be good to go for Belgium in the EUROs, which is not necessarily good news as a selfish Real Madrid fan. Regardless of whether that is true or not, what is apparent, is that Hazard must be much more diligent in his strength and conditioning this summer than he was last year.

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