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Managing Madrid Podcast: The Legacy Of Lorenzo Sanz; Real Madrid Mailbag

Kiyan Sobhani and Eduardo Alvarez discuss the legacy of Lorenzo Sanz — good and bad — before Lucas Navarrete joins the show to answer questions on our famous weekly Real Madrid mailbag.

l’ancien attaquant français d’Arsenal, N Photo credit should read ERIC CABANIS/AFP via Getty Images

This Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in two parts:

Part One (Lorenzo Sanz’s legacy with Kiyan Sobhani and Eduardo Alvarez)

- What it’s like living in Madrid right now

- Lorenzo Sanz’s football knowledge

- His mismanagement of money

- The 12-year European drought vs the 32-year European drought

- Sanz’s signings in his first summer

- Florentino’s tribute to him

- The elections of 2000

- The bizarre signing of Elvir Baljic

- Fernando and Paco Sanz

- And more

Part Two (Mailbag with Kiyan Sobhani and Lucas Navarrete)

- How are we planning out content at Managing Madrid right now?

- What language would we like to master?

- KDB vs Odegaard. Who would we choose if we had the choice right now?

- Young Real Madrid signings that didn’t pan out

- Lucas’s trip to Lisbon in 2014

- Real Madrid paycuts

- Where is Florentino Perez currently?

- Modern vs old school coaches

- Would we do the Ronaldo deal again if we had the choice?

- How much do stadium renovations affect the transfer budget

- The biggest ‘what if’ ever: What if Ramos misses that Decima header?

- How would Erling Haaland fit?

- Haaland vs Kane

- And more.

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Hosts this week:

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Lucas Navarrete (@LucasNavarreteM)

Eduardo Alvarez (@Alvarez)

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