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Odriozola: “My moment for Real Madrid will come”

The defender speaks to MARCA.


Real Madrid midfielder Alvaro Odriozola, who signed a loan deal with Bayern Munich last winter, talked to MARCA in an interview and explained his feelings about his career and his future in the Spanish capital.

“After the collarbone fracture I suffered in April last year I wasn’t the same player I was before because I spent three months without training, because I wasn’t even allowed to run. I just wasn’t in my best condition so that I could play the way I like to play. I have to be very honest and I feel Zidane’s trust, so I have no doubts that my time will come,” said Odriozola.

The defender also explained why he decided to leave Madrid during the winter transfer market.

“I told Zidane first because he had to be the first person to know. I talked a lot with him and thought about what was best for me at the time. Coach didn’t want me to leave but he understood and that’s why I have to thank him,” he said.

Odriozola’s future in Madrid could be in jeopardy considering that Los Blancos seem ready to bring back Achraf Hakimi, who would compete with Carvajal for a spot in the XI.

“I can only say good things about Zidane. I’m only thinking about Bayern until the end of this season. When it ends, I’ll have to talk with coach Zidane to know what he thinks about me but I must insist, I feel his respect and support,” added Odriozola.

The young right-back knows that he’s not been particularly impressive during his time in Madrid.

“I’ve had some good performances and my main problem has been my lack of consistency. Fullbacks rely a lot on their physical skills and even more so now in the modern era of football. This consistency in minutes gives you better condition and improves your confidence so you can perform at your highest level,” said the Spanish right-back.

Odriozola doesn’t believe Real Madrid were in decline this season.

“Not at all, they still have every chance to win La Liga and they still have to play the return leg at the Etihad Stadium. We know how dangerous Real Madrid are in Europe,” concluded Odriozola.

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