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Ronaldo’s “Galactico Reunion” Provided Quotes from Beckham, Casillas, Figo, and Roberto Carlos

Ronaldo took time to speak with some of his former teammates on Instagram Live

Real Madrid’s Briton David Beckham (R) h Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images

Ronaldo went live on Instagram yesterday evening to broadcast the “Galactico Reunion”. The Brazilian had 1-on-1 live video calls with Roberto Carlos, Figo, David Beckham, and Iker Casillas. It was a fun event for fans to tune into amidst the lock downs across the globe. Below are some of the best quotes from the broadcast:

Interview with Roberto Carlos

“It’s a very tough situation [Coronavirus pandemic], we are hoping to get back to normal. We have lost lots of people, like Lorenzo Sanz,” Roberto Carlos said when asked about his current state.

Conversation did drift to Real Madrid and the Galactico era, for which Roberto Carlos looked back with positive memories:

”I remember it with lots of fondness, it was fantastic that we all coincided together at one time.”

Interview with Luis Figo

With both Roberto Carlos and Figo, Ronaldo and his teammates spoke in their native Portuguese.

“We had the chance to bring talent together and also very humble, kind people. All the time we spent together was special, all that helped us to win. Despite being such well-known players, we all knew what to do and how we had to work. That allowed us to have so many good moments,” Figo noted.

“I was happy training with you and the others,” Ronaldo commented. “We couldn’t win everything. Football is like that and it’s also the beautiful thing about football.”

Interview with David Beckham

David Beckham was Ronaldo’s third interview and the Brazilian switched gears by speaking English and accommodating Becks with his native tongue. Ronaldo prefaced the conversation by joking about his English: “My English is bad, man, really bad, I am embarrassed. When I drink some wine it gets better, but in quarantine I don’t drink!”

With Beckham now an owner of Inter Miami, and Ronaldo an owner of Real Valladolid, the two suggested a potential friendly to help those in need after the pandemic. They then talked about the difficulty of running their respective clubs during the pandemic.

“We are trying not to spend any more money, we don’t have any more money,” Ronaldo told Beckham. “We hope we can stay in the first division another year because we get a lot of money from television. We don’t know how LaLiga is going to end, so we have to wait. We have talked to LaLiga and the Spanish federation and I think on the 26th of this month, then I think we need two or three weeks minimum for training to come back and play.”

Beckham’s passion for Inter Miami was evident on the call and he was clearly disappointed about the abrupt stop to the club’s first few weeks of action:

”We’re excited as it’s a special place with special people. I try to take things from Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, PSG and LA Galaxy. I try to take a little bit from every team into this organisation. We only had the chance to play two games, but now we wait until the experts and the governing bodies clear us to play again,” Beckham stated.

Beckham then reminded Ronaldo of the good times they had while in Madrid:

“It was a big move — going from Manchester United to Madrid. I had never lived outside of England. I remember walking into the dressing room and seeing you, smiling, and I felt comfortable.”

“I remember Roberto Carlos or you turning to me and saying that, if there was any English player that could play in the Brazilian team, it would be me. I never believed you because Brazilian players are the best players, everyone knows that,” Beckham remarked.

”You were one of the best of all time in midfield,” Ronaldo replied. “The way you touched the ball, the way you could put the ball wherever you want and, without you looking at me, I was just running and all the sudden the ball came,” he laughed.

After the conversation, Beckham posted the following images to his Instagram story:

Official Instagram Account of David Beckham
Beckham posted this photo to his story after the conversation with Ronaldo
Official Instagram Account of David Beckham

Interview with Iker Casillas

Ronaldo and Iker Casillas was the last interview for the “Galacticos” and it was a third language for Ronaldo on the night as they spoke in Spanish.

”The combination of city and club doesn’t get better than Madrid and Real Madrid,” Ronaldo emphasized. “It was one of the best spells, if not the best, of my career.”

Casillas poked fun and made sure to remind Ronaldo of his penalty save on the Brazilian’s debut:

”I saved a penalty before you came on for your debut,” Casillas reminded him. “But in all seriousness Ronnie, it was a privilege to have you at Real Madrid. With your love and your way of leaving a mark on everyone. They were very good times.”

Iker Casillas also spoke about his life-threatening heart attack and the gratitude he had for the doctors and personnel around him during the event:

”My heart attack was a tremendous shock. I was lucky that it happened on the training pitch and that was what saved my life. I will always be grateful to the doctors. If it had happened to me anywhere else, I’m sure that I would not be here speaking to you now,” the former Madrid captain stated.

All in all it was a good reprieve from the news surrounding the coronavirus and gave both the former players and the fans a chance to reminiscence.

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