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On This Day 22 Years Ago: Real Madrid Win Their Seventh Champions League Title

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Mijatovic scores one of the most iconic goals in Real Madrid history to take down Zidane’s Juventus

Juventus Turin v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions league Final 1998 photo by Eric Renard / Onze / Icon Sport via Getty Images

It took 32 years for Real Madrid to win their seventh Champions League title after Gento helped the Ye-yes win the sixth title in 1966.

As Kiyan Sobhani and Eduardo Alvarez discussed on a recent podcast, the wait for Decima was nothing compared to the build-up to Mijatovic’s goal in the 1998 final:

Roberto Carlos said last month that that trophy was his favourite memory as a Real Madrid player:

“We played so well in the Final against Juventus for La Septima. Juve had many chances to score but we still won 1-0, we won that game not only with our quality but also with our motivation, we wanted it more. I will never forget that night, we went to Cibeles after the game and the streets were full and packed with Real Madrid fans singing and celebrating. If I were to pick one, that would be my favorite memory of my years in Real Madrid,” said the Brazilian legend.