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Marcelo: “To be a champion, you need to come close to winning a trophy”

Marcelo talks about the importance of being hungry in order to win

Real Madrid’s Brazilian defender Marcelo Photo credit should read CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/GettyImages

Marcelo took part in Day 2 of the Real Madrid Graduate School- Universidad Europea’s Semana Blanca (White Week).

Among the things he said, one of the quotes that stood out was about the importance of tasting defeat in order to fuel future winning.

“With hard work and wins,” Marcelo said. “To be a champion, you need to come close to winning a trophy, know what it feels like and the emotions you feel. When you achieve that, you’re hungry to win more. Camaraderie, humility, effort and respect for others are important”.

Here are some more quotes, from Real Madrid’s official website:

Real Madrid has taught me a lot of things, like to respect everyone, camaraderie, battling on until the end and to be a winner. This is a great club crest and wearing this shirt comes with a big responsibility. I am who I am thanks to Real Madrid and I’ve learned a great deal throughout all of these years. Real Madrid is a great institution. You have to experience it, feel it and get to know it... Every day you learn a bit more about Real Madrid and its history, it’s not just all about football”.

Early days at club

“From the outside, I saw it as being a really great institution and when I joined, I realised that what I thought was true. I knew I’d have to fight a lot and wait for my chance. At no point did I throw the towel in. I worked and learned things from everyone in each training session and in every game. I have to give thanks every day, firstly that I’m a footballer and am healthy, but also to be playing for Real Madrid, the best club in the world. It’s a unique opportunity”.

Four Champions League triumphs

“What makes me happy is to think that I want to keep on winning more until I can win no more and that’s something that Real Madrid have taught me. To win three Champions League trophies in a row and four in five years will go down in history. Although we’re not satisfied with that and want to aspire to win more silverware. What’s in the past is in the past and now we have to keep on winning. The trophies are what make every story and career, but what I take away with me is what I’ve experienced here at Real Madrid”.

“Joining Real Madrid was very special, it was a dream come true. I’ve experienced a lot of magical nights and marvellous moments, but if I had to pick one out, it’d when I joined Real Madrid, when I was unveiled. It was as if I was in a film”.


“The road to get where I am today was tough, but really special. One of my targets is to leave a legacy behind. When I look back on things, I’m really pleased with everything that I’ve learned each day, in every training session and game. My biggest achievement is respect and to be respected by everyone. I’ve continually been learning and will continue to do so”.

Keys to success

“The first thing is not to be selfish because to win you’ve got to be united. The trophies you win are down to everyone’s efforts. It’s a long season and the key is to help your teammates every day. The motivation to win with Real Madrid is massive”.


“To join the club already made me proud, but to be the captain and to have

Sergio Ramos, who is a born leader, ahead of you is a big responsibility because of everything it involves. We’ve got a reputation and try to do all we can so that everything works out perfectly”.

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