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Vinicius: “We have to win this Liga title for our fans”

The attacker talked in an interview with MARCA.

Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Real Madrid wonder kid Vinicius Jr. talked in an interview with MARCA where he reviewed the past quarantine and shared his thoughts about the restart of the 2019-2020 La Liga season, which is expected to happen in June 12th.

“At the beginning, it was all very strange. We soon understood how serious the situation was because luckily, Real Madrid’s medical staff told us about it very quickly. Training was never a problem, it was odd but not a problem. Since the very first few days, Coach Zidane and the coaching staff paid a lot of attention to how we were doing, it was something I will never forget. We realized we were living a special moment in history because what was happening was truly unbelievable. Many people have suffered, and many people are still suffering. There are a lot of people suffering in Spain and also in my country, Brazil,” said Vinicius.

The interview then focus on Vinicius’ development as a player. The winger has been working on his ability to score and believes that he will be able to add that to his game.

“I’ve heard coach Zidane say that he learned some things during the very last training session of his career and I have the same feeling. I’m sure that everything can be improved. I want to be a better player each and every day I leave Valdebebas. What was said about my finishing didn’t bother me. I know that everything can be improved and I want to live my life knowing that I always have to improve. I became a professional football player to respect my sport, and if I believe I can’t improve I’m disrespecting it. I tell you, that’s not going to happen to me. I have to improve until the last day of my career,” explained Vinicius.

The winger was also asked about Madrid’s chances of winning the title.

“I’ve seen the games and I truly believe we were a better team than Barcelona. We’ve done some great games until this point, we’re looking forward to coming back and win. We want and have to win this Liga title for our fans. People have suffered a lot and we want to give the fans a reason to be happy, we know that it won’t solve their day to day struggles, but it would give them at least a small reason to smile,” he said.

The Champions League could be back in August although there’s no official confirmation. Vinicius also talked about the European competition.

“Champions League being back would be great news not only for football but also for the world as a whole, it would mean that we would be closer to our normal lives. The score on the first leg was not good but we’re Real Madrid. We will prepare well for that game and if we have the chance to play it at least we’ll give our best so that the fans can be proud and say that we gave our best,” concluded Vinicius.

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