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Kroos: “My wish is to retire at Real Madrid”

The midfielder talked to German magazine GQ.

Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos talked about his personal life and his future in an interview with German magazine GQ. Kroos revealed that he’d like to end his career at Real Madrid.

“When my contract expires I will be 33 years old and will have every option: I could stay, do something else or just retire. I want to be clear though, my wish is to retire here at Real Madrid,” said the midfielder.

Kroos is always a calm and steady presence in the midfield line and he was asked about his mindset during the games.

“I trust my skills, if you do that you automatically feel more confident and calmer. It’s also a matter of my own personality, it’s true that some of those things can’t be learned. I wouldn’t say that being nervous is purely negative either, what’s important is to learn how to reach a positive outcome out of your own mindset,” he explained.

Kroos rarely loses his mind during the games but revealed that there are times when he gets angry and complains.

“It’s true that I’m usually calm, but I tend to raise my voice when I feel that my team is getting wrong calls from the referee. Injustice is something that drives me crazy, I don’t stand to be lied to either, I’d rather face an uncomfortable truth. Of course I get mad and show my emotions, but maybe a little later than some of my teammates,” said Kroos.

The German midfielder believes that the Coronavirus pandemic will have an effect on football.

“I don’t think we’ll be back to normal all that quickly, the decrease in income has been huge. Clubs won’t spend that much on a short period of time and some other teams will have to find new way to be competitive. However, I do believe that we’ll end up being right where we were before the crisis,” Kroos argued.

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