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Managing Madrid Podcast: Raul’s Evolution As Manager; Miguel Muñoz; Castilla Corner

An epic two-parter, where Kiyan Sobhani, Sam Sharpe, Kristofer McCormack, and Ruben Skjerping touch on Real Madrid’s history, and the future of various promising Castilla players.

Second Division B - Real Madrid Castilla v Ibiza Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

This Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in two parts:

Part One

- Footy Golf

- Miguel Muñoz: youth teams he played for, his insane longevity, tactical identity

- ‘Plus Ultra’

- Deciphering what year the Ye-ye era starts

- What led to the creation of that era?

- Who would be the modern day Ye-ye players?

- Would Castilla have made the playoffs if the season wasn’t cancelled?

- Castilla’s away record

- Raul’s management style and ultimate destiny

- Miguel Gutierrez and Fran Garcia — two promising left backs

- What happens to Franchu, Belman, Javi Hernandez, Pablo Ramon, Fidalgo, and Reinier Jesus?

- And more.

Part Two

  • What level he is likely to goto
  • Dani Poyatos heading Panathinaikos
  • Alvaro Arbeloa heading to La Fabrica
  • Our issues with the hiring him
  • Manu Fernandez becoming director of football
  • Juvenil B manager replacements
  • A potential Fabrica change Fernandez might consider.
  • Martin Odegaard’s surprisingly long career in youth football.

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Hosts this week:

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Sam Sharpe (@CastillaStats)

Kristofer McCormack (@k_mc06)

Ruben Skjerping (@RubenPMN)

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