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Immediate Reaction: Leganés 2 - 2 Real Madrid

A meaningless but wild game capped off Real Madrid’s 34th league title.

Leganes v Real Madrid - La Liga Santander Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images

Real Madrid came onto a guard of honor and drew with Leganés 2-2 in a game they expectedly showed little interest in.

Let’s pretend I paid close attention to this match:

  • At one point Ramos scored and I thought that was pretty nice but maybe it’s bad for Leganés to let him get a free header in the box. Doesn’t seem like good strategizing.
  • Anyway, Real Madrid were clearly as focused as I was because this was some of the funniest defending we’ve done all season. Some real 18/19 stuff on display. Just standing by and ogling at the ball as it zips through our lines before realizing that we should probably run after it and try to do something. What’s the point of winning the league early if you can’t take a game off?
  • Isco did some cool stuff. I like it when Isco does cool stuff.
  • Lucas Vázquez was a genuinely good player for Real Madrid whose legacy has basically been turned into a meme. I think that has unfortunately undersold the sizable impact he had on the club’s winning from 2015/16-2017/18, but, today, he went full meme mode. Dramatic step-over only to lose the ball? Check. Free cross straight into the keeper’s arms? Check. There were probably some other mistakes but I can’t remember.
  • I love it when backup players perform with a chip on their shoulder and it was great to see Areola attempt to get on Courtois’ level by copying his patented “concede by letting the ball go between my legs” move.
  • These mint green jerseys are terrible just like any kind of mint dessert (yeah, that’s right) and it’s an absolute travesty that we haven’t seen more of this gorgeous work of art:
  • I really convinced myself that Real Madrid would do everything they could to push Benzema towards the Pichichi and that we didn’t is perfectly understandable but it makes me sad nonetheless. Barcelona get one consolation prize.
  • I’m glad Santi got to retire the way he did after all he’s been through.
  • After Zidane made his subs I’m certain that Real Madrid were actively trying to lose and that everyone was rooting for Leganés to stay up. Really warms my heart.
  • What the fuck was up with that Levante-Getafe game?

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