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Announcing ‘Las Blancas Podcast’ — A New Show Covering Real Madrid Femenino on the Managing Madrid Podcast Network

Your podcast team will be: Om Arvind, Raquel Barbadillo, Jess Houwen, Grant Little, and Gabe Lezra.


We are ecstatic to announce that, starting today, Managing Madrid will have a podcast dedicated solely to covering Real Madrid Femenino. Our ambition is to give you great post-match content, as well segments that delve into history, analysis, the sociopolitical significance of women’s football and Real Madrid Femenino, and more (and maybe — fingers crossed — some interviews with players).

Your host will be Om Arvind, joined by co-hosts Raquel Barbadillo (@raquelbars), Jess Houwen (@jesshuh15), Grant Little (@grantlittle09), and Gabe Lezra.

You can follow our twitter account here, where you will be able to keep up to date with all of our endeavors and submit podcast questions.

Real Madrid were late to the game, but they’re here now, and we’re committed to covering their Fememino team as they seek to challenge historic rivals Barcelona and Atlético Madrid in their bid to become a new superpower in women’s football.

Join us!

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