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Managing Madrid Podcast: Sergio Ramos’s All-time Legacy With Ryan O’Hanlon; Mailbag; Villaje Viajes

Kiyan Sobhani and Ryan O’Hanlan discuss Ramos’s rank among CBs (both current and all-time), and how VVD stacks up against him. Also, Lucas Navarrete and Kiyan go through a Real Madrid mailbag before Grant Little profiles Luka Modric

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid Photo by Revierfoto/picture alliance via Getty Images

This Patron-only episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in three parts.

Part One (Sergio Ramos discussion with Kiyan Sobhani and Ryan O’Hanlan)

- Sergio Ramos vs Gerard Pique

- Ramos’s all-time rank among CBs

- Franz Beckenbauer’s importance

- Ramos’s red card history

- Virgil Van Dijk vs Ramos

- The best CBs at these traits: dribbling, through-balls, possession value

- And more.

Part Two (Mailbag with Kiyan Sobhani and Lucas Navarrete)

- Should James Rodriguez be sold without a replacement?

- The post-Ronaldo dynamic with Eden Hazard

- Should Miguel Gutierrez be considered for the back-up left-back role if Reguilon departs?

- The best 1st-touch in Real Madrid’s squad

- Has Vinicius established himself as an important player?

- What do to with Luka Jovic

- Have empty stadiums had a positive effect on Real Madrid?

- And more.

Part Three (Villaje Viajes with Grant Little)

- Grant profiles Luka Modric’s journey

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Hosts this week:

Kiyan Sobhani (@KiyanSo)

Lucas Navarrete (@LucasNavarreteM)

Grant Little (@grantlittle09)

Ryan O’Hanlon (@rwohan)

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