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Achraf’s Agent: “Now he (Zidane) must explain why Achraf has left”

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Previews Photo by Steve Bardens/UEFA via Getty Images

In an interview with Al Mountakhab — a Moroccan publicationAchraf Hakimi’s agent, Alejandro Camano, has elaborated on the reason Real Madrid and Achraf parted ways.

“Zidane is the reason he signed for Inter,” Camano said. “Now he must explain why Achraf has left,”

Some of that seems like a direct shot at Zidane, but there is good reason not to take this quote and make it more dramatic than it should be. Zidane ‘being the reason’ Achraf left simply points to there being no room in the starting line-up for the Moroccan, as Camano himself elaborates:

“I think that his return at the moment is not adequate, given the presence of (Dani) Carvajal, and I am sure that his future will be bright after taking this step.”

Camano also spoke about the project at Inter, and how Antonio Conte made it clear to Achraf the exciting role he’d have in Milan:

“Conte has always been in contact. He told him about the club’s project and when such a coach insists on having you on his team, it means that you represent a piece important in the club project. “

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